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Can Dogs be Healthy on a Vegan Diet?

Veganism is on the rise among humans in the U.S. While it’s difficult to estimate how many vegans there are, one survey conducted by Ipsos Retail Performance showed that the number of humans following plant-based diets increased from 290,000 people 15 years…

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The Truth about a Vegan Diet for Dogs

  Dogs being carnivores is still a common misconception among dog owners, and many are stubbornly sticking to a meat-filled diet for their furry family members. But although dogs might be the descendants of wolves running wild and hunting wildlife for survival,…

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The Effects of the Pet Food Industry on the Environment

The US pet food market reached a value of around US$ 30 Billion in 2020. Pet owners, understandably, want only the best for their beloved companions. In previous articles, we’ve discussed how different types of dog food can affect your pup’s health…

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Is Plant-Based Meat Good for Dogs?

When considering putting your dog on a plant-based diet, it’s important to educate yourself about their nutritional needs. Let us walk you through the building blocks of a complete and healthy vegan dog meal.

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The New Generation of Dog Food: Fresh Vegan Meals

Just like the human diet has evolved through the times, so has the food we feed our four-legged friends. From traditional kibble to new, innovative solutions made from plant-based “meat,” here are some things to keep in mind as you choose a…

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5 Important Benefits of a Vegan Diet for Dogs

If you are considering feeding your fur baby vegan meals, but are not yet fully convinced, read on. In this article, we’ve gathered a few pieces of evidence proving the benefits of a vegan diet for pets. #1. Reduced Allergy Symptoms Food…

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Did You Know Dogs Can Be Vegan and Healthy Too?

A meatless or ‘meat-reduced’ diet is steadily becoming more popular among humans. A 2019 Gallup telephone poll with U.S. adults showed that nearly one in four Americans had reduced their meat consumption over the preceding year, and a 15-year study showed that…

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