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PawCo Reviews: What Are Our Customers Saying?

There’s nothing quite like the joy of hearing how our vegan dog food has made a positive difference in the lives of our furry friends and their loving owners. At PawCo, we’re all about creating tasty, nutritious, and eco-friendly plant-based meals that…

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World Environment Day 2024: Join #GenerationRestoration!

Hey there, fellow earth lovers! 🌍 It’s that time of year again—World Environment Day is just around the corner on June 5th! This year, we’re incredibly excited because the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is hosting the global celebration, focusing on the critical issues of land restoration, desertification,…

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National Rescue Dog Day: Adopt a Dog and Enhance Your Life

Hey there, fellow dog lovers! Today is National Rescue Dog Day, a special day dedicated to raising awareness about the countless dogs in shelters waiting for their forever homes. It’s the perfect time to talk about the joys and benefits of adopting…

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The Science and Research on Vegan Dog Food and Its Benefits

As more people embrace plant-based lifestyles for health and environmental reasons, a growing number of dog owners are exploring vegan diets for their furry friends. The question arises: can our canine companions thrive without meat? Recent research suggests that a nutritionally balanced…

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Earth Day: Embracing Sustainability with PawCo’s Vegan Dog Food

As Earth Day (April 22nd) approaches, it’s time to consider not just our environmental impact but that of our dogs as well. The companion animal food industry, especially meat-based products, plays a significant role in environmental degradation. This article explores how transitioning…

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A Chat About Plant-Based Dog Food and More with VeganAnj

A little while ago, PawCo’s founder, Dr. Mahsa Vazin, had the pleasure of being interviewed by the amazing Anjelica of Anjelica is an LA-based vegan foodie and plant-based health and nutrition coach, sharing her vegan journey, favorite plant-based brands and restaurants,…

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InstaBites™ vs. Kibble: A Healthier Choice for Your Dog

  As loving dog owners, we strive every day to give our furry family members the best. The quality of dog food has received increased attention in recent years, inspiring owners to look for healthier, more sustainable alternatives. Enter InstaBites™, a new…

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Empowering Dreams: Celebrating Women’s Day at PawCo

  This International Women’s Day, we honor the incredible women who lead, innovate, and inspire in every field imaginable. This day isn’t just about acknowledging our strides toward gender equality; it’s about setting the stage for tomorrow’s wins. At the heart of…

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