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Quick, Healthy, Plant-Based: Discover PawCo’s InstaBites for Dogs

  It’s time to dive deeper into our latest innovation in plant-based dog nutrition – InstaBites. As our newest member of the PawCo product lineup, InstaBites is designed with the modern pet owner’s busy lifestyle in mind, offering a nutritious, hassle-free meal…

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PawCo’s LuxBites: A Game-Changer in Vegan Dog Nutrition

It’s time to shine a spotlight on PawCo’s latest innovation in dog nutrition: LuxBites™. Designed to cater to the nuanced dietary needs of our furry friends, this recipe is a testament to our dedication to improving pet wellness through thoughtful nutrition. Let’s…

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PawCo’s Tail-Wagging Trio of Fresh, Vegan Dog Food

PawCo’s GreenBites, LuxBites™, & InstaBites™: A Tail-Wagging Trio At PawCo, we recognize that each dog is unique, as are their dietary requirements. That’s why we’ve created three separate and unique dog food lines: GreenBites, LuxBites™, and InstaBites™. Let’s look at what distinguishes…

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PawCo Foods Feeding Guidelines

Just like us, our four-legged pals need the right balance of nutrients to thrive, and it all starts with portion control tailored to their level of activity. Whether your furry pal is a couch cuddler or a park sprinter, our detailed feeding…

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Introducing: PawCo’s Latest Fresh Food Innovations

Today, we’re thrilled to share some exciting news about our latest developments in dog nutrition and what’s been cooking in the PawCo factory. As we welcome the new year, we’re bringing two new products into our family: LuxBites™ and InstaBites™! As a…

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Managing Weight in Border Collies: Preventing Obesity with PawCo

  Obesity is a stealthy adversary that can creep up on even the most active of breeds, including the typically sprightly Border Collie. Recognized for their intelligence and agility, these dogs are the epitome of vitality. Yet, they are not exempt from…

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How PawCo Foods Support Heart Health in Great Danes

  We all know that the way to a dog’s heart is through its stomach—especially when it comes to Great Danes, those lovable gentle giants that quickly become part of our family. But did you know this breed is more susceptible to…

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Stomach Issues in Bernese Mountain Dogs: PawCo’s Solution

Bernese Mountain Dogs are known for their loyalty, fluffy coats, and friendly manners. But like any breed, they have their unique set of health concerns, one of which is stomach issues. This article dives deep into common stomach problems in Bernese Mountain…

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