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Person's hand placing a treat into a bowl of vegan dog food next to a fluffy gray dog sniffing the food. Green apples and PawCo Foods containers are visible in the background.

Obesity Prevention: Keeping Your Dog at a Healthy Weight

  Keeping our furry friends at a healthy weight is crucial for their overall well-being and happiness. Did you know that nearly 60% of dogs in the U.S. are considered overweight or obese? This can lead to a range of health problems…

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A Golden Retriever looking calm and relaxed at a veterinarian's office. The owner and the veterinarian are standing behind it.

Finding the Right Vet for Your Dog: A Comprehensive Guide

We all know how important it is to keep our furry friends happy and healthy, and finding the right veterinarian is a big part of that. The right vet can make all the difference in your dog’s life, providing top-notch care and…

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InstaBites™ vs. Kibble: A Healthier Choice for Your Dog

  As loving dog owners, we strive every day to give our furry family members the best. The quality of dog food has received increased attention in recent years, inspiring owners to look for healthier, more sustainable alternatives. Enter InstaBites™, a new…

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What Are the Benefits of Postbiotics for Dogs?

  Imagine a world where your furry friend enjoys a bowl of dog food that tastes great and works wonders for their health from the inside out. This isn’t just a dream—it’s a reality made possible by the inclusion of postbiotics in…

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Are Soy and Peas Healthy for Dogs? Exploring Benefits and Myths

  In the world of canine nutrition, the debate over the inclusion of soy and peas in a dog’s diet frequently swings between support and caution. It’s time to cut through the myths and highlight the actual benefits of plant-based ingredients for…

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Managing Weight in Border Collies: Preventing Obesity with PawCo

  Obesity is a stealthy adversary that can creep up on even the most active of breeds, including the typically sprightly Border Collie. Recognized for their intelligence and agility, these dogs are the epitome of vitality. Yet, they are not exempt from…

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How PawCo Foods Support Heart Health in Great Danes

  We all know that the way to a dog’s heart is through its stomach—especially when it comes to Great Danes, those lovable gentle giants that quickly become part of our family. But did you know this breed is more susceptible to…

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Stomach Issues in Bernese Mountain Dogs: PawCo’s Solution

Bernese Mountain Dogs are known for their loyalty, fluffy coats, and friendly manners. But like any breed, they have their unique set of health concerns, one of which is stomach issues. This article dives deep into common stomach problems in Bernese Mountain…

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