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The Secrets to Helping Your Dog Live a Happy, Healthy Life

Anyone who has ever lived with a dog knows how much joy they bring into our homes and our hearts. It’s a well-known fact and a universal truth that dogs are man’s best friend. They are the most loyal friends and are always incredibly happy to see us, whether we’ve been away for five minutes or several days! They love us unconditionally and seem to have a way of knowing when we need some extra snuggles. 


How could we ever pay them back for all the happiness they bring us? Well, here are a few tips on how you can help your dog live a happy, healthy, and hopefully long life!


1. Exercise their body

The amount of exercise your dog requires depends on its breed. Some breeds are super energetic and need lots of physical activity to feel their best, while others require significantly less. The amount of movement your dog wants can also vary according to their personality and physical health – all dogs are different! Consult your veterinarian for advice on how much exercise is appropriate for your dog.


Going for daily walks is beneficial for your dog and helps maintain a healthy weight and healthy joints while also giving them the stimulation of new sights and smells. Adjust the length and difficulty of the walks or hikes to suit your dog’s breed, age, and health.


However, keep in mind that walking is often not enough physical activity for your furry friend. Unless you have a very old dog or one suffering from poor health, they can likely benefit from additional exercise such as agility training. Find agility classes near you or look up exercises online, and invest in some equipment for the backyard! Or, if that’s not something you and your pup are into, play a good old round of fetch or a friendly game of tug of war.


2. Exercise their mind

In addition to physical activity, your pup also needs mental stimulation. Encourage them to keep their brains busy by providing fun but challenging games! Create food puzzles by hiding some treats in empty paper towel rolls or in strategic places around the house, or help keep their mind sharp by learning new skills and tricks together. 


3. Give them social time with friends

Like humans, dogs enjoy getting out and socializing once in a while. And while you and your family may spend a lot of time with your beloved pet, they could certainly benefit from having an active social life and interacting with some four-legged friends as well. Take your dog to the dog park, let them meet and greet other dogs on your daily walks, or set up a playdate with a neighbor’s dog to expand their social circle.


4. See the vet regularly

Of course, regular vet visits are essential to keeping your dog happy and healthy. Stay on top of your dog’s health by going for check-ups at least once a year. That way, you can catch any health issues early and get them treated before it gets too serious. While we never want to think of the possibility of our pups getting sick, it’s better to be proactive in caring for them than to live in denial and miss any warning signs that they are not well. 


5. Feed them healthy meals

Providing your dog a wholesome and nutritious diet is vital to keeping them healthy and thriving. There are a plethora of different kibble brands, raw-food meals, and homemade dog food recipes out there, so how are you supposed to choose the proper diet for your dog? 


We’ve previously written about the benefits of a vegan diet for dogs and the evolution of dog food. In short, it has been scientifically proven that dogs can thrive on a vegan diet and that it may even be the healthiest diet choice for our precious pooches. A vegan diet can come with benefits such as reduced allergy symptoms, better skin and fur health, and fewer digestive issues. Not to mention the favor you’ll be doing the environment by serving your pet meat-free meals! 


PawCo is the new generation of dog food, developed by our team of food scientists and animal nutritionists. Our meals are complete and balanced and contain all the necessary nutrients to keep your dog healthy and happy! Check out our nutritious and tasty vegan meals and the very first plant-based meat meals for dogs HERE!

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