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Managing Weight in Border Collies: Preventing Obesity with PawCo


Obesity is a stealthy adversary that can creep up on even the most active of breeds, including the typically sprightly Border Collie. Recognized for their intelligence and agility, these dogs are the epitome of vitality. Yet, they are not exempt from the growing concern of canine obesity, which can lead to serious health issues such as arthritis, joint pain, and heart problems, severely diminishing their quality of life​​.


The Ideal Weight for Vibrancy

Border Collies fall into a unique category, straddling the line between medium and large breeds with an ideal weight range of 30 to 55 pounds. It’s a delicate balance where even a slight excess in weight can tilt them into the overweight category, defined as being 10-20% above their ideal body weight, and beyond that into obesity​​.


Culprits Behind the Weight Gain

The journey to a healthier weight for your Border Collie starts with identifying the underlying causes of their weight gain. This could be due to an array of factors:

  • Dietary discrepancies: Just like in humans, weight gain can occur if a dog consumes food that doesn’t align with their nutritional requirements. For Border Collies, a diet too high in calories, lacking in fiber, or not tailored to their energy output can lead to excess pounds.
  • Overfeeding: It’s tempting to indulge those pleading eyes, but overfeeding is one of the most common contributors to pet obesity. Understanding the caloric needs of your Border Collie is essential to prevent overfeeding.
  • Insufficient activity: Border Collies are a working breed, requiring ample exercise to burn off energy. A sedentary lifestyle can quickly result in weight gain for these naturally active dogs.
  • Health conditions: Sometimes, weight gain isn’t just about diet or activity. Underlying health issues can also lead to an unexpected increase in weight. It’s crucial to rule out any medical conditions with your veterinarian if your Border Collie is gaining weight unexpectedly​​.


PawCo’s Formulations: Tailored Nutrition for Weight Management

At PawCo, our formulations are carefully crafted by board-certified animal nutritionists and food scientists to keep dogs healthy, happy, and at their ideal weight. Let’s explore how each PawCo recipe aids in keeping your Border Collie fit:

  • Green Mix & Carrots – Low-Fat Nourishment
    Our Green Mix & Carrots recipe, the first recipe we launched, is more than just food; it’s a carefully balanced diet that’s low in fat yet rich in essential vitamins, aiding in weight control while ensuring your Border Collie doesn’t miss out on crucial nutrients.
  • Pumpkin & Cranberries – Anti-Inflammatory Benefits
    The anti-inflammatory properties of the ingredients in our Pumpkin & Cranberries recipe can be especially beneficial for overweight dogs who may be experiencing joint discomfort, making weight loss a more comfortable journey.
  • Blueberries & Veggies – Antioxidant Richness
    With the inclusion of antioxidants in the Blueberries & Veggies recipe, we help combat the oxidative stress that can be a side effect of obesity, promoting overall cellular health.
  • Peanut Butter & Apple – Controlled Energy for Active Dogs
    Our Peanut Butter & Apple recipe is ideally suited for active Border Collies. It’s high in protein and contains healthy fats, which, when portioned correctly, provide the energy they need without contributing to weight gain.

PawCo’s commitment to a vegan and fresh approach to dog nutrition is not just a trend; it’s a health-conscious choice for weight-conscious pet owners. A vegan diet for dogs, like the one PawCo offers, can be lower in calories, which helps manage weight, provided all nutritional needs are met​​. With PawCo’s carefully crafted meals, dog owners can avoid unhealthy animal fats, often linked with weight gain, without sacrificing the essential nutrients their canine companions need.


Maintaining the Balance: Portion Control and Exercise

The battle against weight gain in Border Collies is fought on two fronts: portion control and exercise. Portion control is the art of understanding exactly how much your canine friend needs. It’s not just the quantity of food but the quality that matters. 

PawCo’s recipes exceed AAFCO standards and are formulated to ensure that every bite is packed with the nutrients necessary for a healthy life without the excess calories that contribute to weight gain.

Exercise is equally vital, and a Border Collie needs about 2 hours of it daily. It’s the cornerstone of a Border Collie’s well-being, requiring a mix of physical activity and mental stimulation to stay fit. While exercise helps to burn calories, it also satisfies the breed’s instinctual need for a job or task, keeping their minds as sharp as their bodies.

Finally, the role of consistent monitoring and veterinary guidance cannot be overstated. Regular weight checks and adjustments to the diet and exercise regime are essential in maintaining an ideal weight for your Border Collie, ensuring a healthy and happy companion by your side.


Conclusion: A PawCo Promise for a Healthier Future

Choosing PawCo Foods means opting for a healthy, balanced approach to your Border Collie’s diet. With our commitment to quality and canine nutrition, we’re here to ensure your pet thrives. Embrace the change with PawCo and witness your Border Collie’s return to their lively, lean self.


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