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Empowering Dreams: Celebrating Women’s Day at PawCo


This International Women’s Day, we honor the incredible women who lead, innovate, and inspire in every field imaginable. This day isn’t just about acknowledging our strides toward gender equality; it’s about setting the stage for tomorrow’s wins. At the heart of our celebration is our own brand, PawCo Foods, a brilliant example of female empowerment founded by a visionary woman and powered by a team where over 70% are women. Our story is about resilience, ambition, and a firm belief in making a difference.

The Story of PawCo

Dr. Mahsa Vazin, our founder, embarked on a journey with a simple yet profound mission: to revolutionize pet nutrition through sustainability and innovation. Mahsa’s inspiration came from adopting her dog, Paco, and her desire to provide him and all dogs with the best possible food. Leveraging her experience at Impossible Foods, she collaborated with experts and utilized AI to develop a plant-based product tailored for dogs. 

Her passion and vision for a healthier, more compassionate world for our furry friends led to the creation of PawCo, and she built this brand with unwavering dedication despite the challenges of the business world’s gender biases. Today, PawCo is a testament to her dream, embodying the principles of health, sustainability, and groundbreaking innovation in vegan pet nutrition.

“As a woman starting up a business, I’ve seen the ups and downs firsthand. Having a team with many women isn’t just about numbers; it’s about creating a space where everyone feels respected and included. Female empowerment isn’t just a trend; it’s about unlocking the full potential of our society. When women are given the chance to shine, we all reap the rewards of fresh perspectives and new ideas.”

— Dr. Mahsa Vazin, Founder & CEO at PawCo Foods


A Culture of Empowerment

At PawCo, empowerment isn’t just a buzzword—it’s something we care deeply about. We’ve cultivated an environment where women don’t just thrive; they lead. Over 70% of our workforce is female, a statistic we wear as a badge of honor, and many leadership roles are filled by women. Our team’s diversity is our strength, fueling creativity, empathy, and excellence. At PawCo, women’s voices are heard, their ideas valued, and their potential unlimited. 

“Working at PawCo means being part of a family that champions your growth and champions the planet. As a woman working at PawCo, I can say that there is no better place to work! It’s a friendly and fair workplace where creativity thrives and our team’s shared mission of creating a healthier planet and happier pets gives me a sense of purpose and empowerment. I’m proud to be part of this amazing team.”  

— Carolina Agredo, Marketing Manager & Social Media Expert.

“Being a woman and working at PawCo, you feel supported and as though there is no limit to what you can achieve. With strong and successful women all around me, I feel inspired to do my best and work hard for our shared vision and goals.” 

— Lisa Dahlgren, Customer Insight Manager & Content Creator, author of this article.


Supporting Women-Powered Brands

The importance of empowering women-led enterprises stretches far beyond PawCo. It is about promoting economic growth and innovation and creating a more equitable society. Consumers play an important role in this ecosystem, and by choosing women-owned businesses, you are supporting a cycle of empowerment that benefits communities and sets a standard for future generations. To support such brands, check for certifications, learn about the company’s leadership, and consider the social impact of your purchases.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, let’s recommit to the journey of empowerment, equality, and innovation. At PawCo, we’re not just making exceptional vegan pet food; we’re encouraging a world where every woman has the opportunity to lead and inspire. By supporting companies like PawCo, you’re nourishing your pet, supporting sustainability in the companion animal industry, and investing in a brighter, more inclusive world. 

Happy International Women’s Day! Let’s continue to break barriers and build bridges for the women of today and tomorrow.


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