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PawCo’s Fresh Plant-Based Meat for Dogs – Now in a New Flavor!

Here at PawCo, we’ve been working hard over the past few months, and we know we’ve been teasing you and keeping you waiting. But finally, the wait is over! We are happy to announce our new recipe! As a gift to you and your four-legged friends this holiday season, we’re launching our new flavor of revolutionary plant-based dog food: Pumpkin and Cranberry! 


Like all PawCo recipes, it is based on our revolutionary and unique GreenMeat™, a plant-based meat alternative for dogs. GreenMeat™ tastes delicious, is low-fat, has a complete amino acid profile, and is supplemented with all the essential vitamins and minerals to ensure your dog doesn’t suffer any deficiencies. We’ve also added specific probiotics to our recipes to help with digestibility.


In order to be healthy, dogs need proteins and all the essential amino acids, fat and fatty acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Our recipes are complete, balanced, and developed by our dedicated team of board-certified food scientists and animal nutritionists to ensure they exceed AAFCO standards and contain all the nutrients your dog requires.


In addition to being very healthy for your dog, our meals also help protect the environment and animal welfare. Consuming animal products negatively affects the climate and leads to increased animal farming. By choosing a vegan diet for yourself and your dog, you help combat deforestation, animal farming, and climate change.


To top it all off, our meals are also super tasty to dogs! In a taste test including 20 dogs, 99% of our food was eaten on day one and 100% on day two. This indicates that the dogs remembered the flavor and were happy to eat our meals again the next day!


As we’ve discussed in a previous article, dogs have different tastes and palates, just like humans. Just because one dog may love broccoli doesn’t mean they all do! Each dog’s preference is individual. This recipe may turn out to be your furry friend’s new favorite!


Although the Pumpkin and Cranberry recipe is seasonally flavored and perfectly suited to ensure your dog feels included in the holiday festivities, it is here to stay and will be available year-round. Place your order here and surprise your dog this holiday season!

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