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Can Dogs Eat Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods?

As the shelves and freezers in grocery stores are stocked with more and more alternatives to meat, you may have been asking yourself whether you should get just enough for yourself or throw an extra package for your dog into the basket. Would they like it? Can they even eat plant-based meat products like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods? If it’s good enough for you, surely it’s good enough for your dog? 


Research has established that dogs have evolved from wild, meat-eating wolves into cuddly companion animals, fully capable of digesting starch and plant-based food. They are no longer considered carnivores but omnivores, fully capable of digesting starch and getting all necessary nutrients from plant-based food. 


A recent study by Dr. Andrew Knight concluded that a meatless diet may be the healthiest choice for dogs. In his study, he compared the perceived health of dogs fed a plant-based diet to that of dogs fed a raw-meat or conventional meat diet. Vegan dogs seemed to fare better and need fewer vet visits than meat-eating dogs, and Dr. Knight stated: “The healthiest and least hazardous dietary choices for dogs are nutritionally sound vegan diets.” 


So it should be fine to feed your dog plant-based products then, right? Not so fast. While modern dogs can thrive on plant-based food, not all vegan alternatives are suitable for consumption by our four-legged friends. As you most likely know, many foods that are safe and healthy for humans are not safe for dogs – garlic, onion, and chocolate are a few examples of everyday items that are toxic to them. Others aren’t toxic but still not good for them, like sugar. And while dogs can safely eat most types of meat, many plant-based alternatives may not be suitable for them.


In a conversation on Twitter, Impossible Foods, a producer of plant-based meat products, stated: “The Impossible Burger was created for human consumption, with human nutritional needs in mind. Animals are often sensitive to foods commonly consumed by humans, and these sensitivities vary between species and breeds. As a result, we do not recommend that it be served to pets.”


While we have yet to find any comments from Beyond Meat on the subject, the same is valid for their products and any other plant-based meat products made for humans. They are often highly processed and may contain excess sodium and high levels of fat, as well as spices and ingredients that are unhealthy or toxic to dogs. It’s best to keep these products away from our animal companions.


However, you don’t have to resort to feeding your dog traditional kibble or spending hours cooking up your own plant-based recipes! PawCo has invented GreenMeat™ — a plant-based meat alternative made for dogs! All our recipes are carefully formulated by board-certified food scientists and animal nutritionists to exceed AAFCO standards. Our meals are 100% safe for dogs because they were developed specifically to suit their nutritional needs and provide them with all the essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. 


PawCo’s recipes have also been taste-tested to ensure that dogs will enjoy their meals. Our recent test was a roaring success, as the dogs involved consumed 99% of the food on day one and 100% on day two, showing they remembered the taste and appreciated it! Read more about why dogs love PawCo Foods here.


In conclusion, plant-based meat made for human consumption should be enjoyed by humans only, so save the Beyond Meat sausages and Impossible burgers for two-legged folks. However, PawCo’s plant-based meat for dogs is healthy, yummy, and safe for your furry family members! Place your order today and let your dog enjoy their own kind of plant-based meat formulated just for them.


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