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PawCo’s Vegan Dog Food Is Eco-Friendly!

If you’re like us, you want to know that the food you’re feeding your dog is not only healthy for them but also good for the planet. PawCo is a plant-based dog food brand that aims to make the world better for your pet and our planet. A big part of our mission is sustainability, which means we’re always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint in all areas of production and distribution so that you can feel good about what’s in your animal companion’s bowl as well as how it got there. Here’s how PawCo is making a difference:

PawCo’s dog food cups are made with recycled material.

Did you know that PawCo’s dog food cups are made using recycled material? The cups are made with 35% post-consumer recycled fiber, and 100% of the fiber is certified sustainable. 99% of waste created during paper cup processing is recycled and 90% of raw materials come from renewable resources.

PawCo’s shipping materials are recyclable.

We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment. In addition to using sustainable materials for our meal cups, we also use environmentally friendly shipping materials.

All of our shipping boxes can be easily recycled. As for the thermal packaging panels used inside each box, they are made from renewable plant-based components and paper and recyclable as well!

PawCo’s plant-based dog food has a small environmental footprint.

In addition to being sustainably packaged, our dog food is 100% plant-based and doesn’t contribute to animal farming or deforestation caused by animal farming. This means our food leaves a smaller carbon footprint than conventional meat-based products. Meat-consuming pets are responsible for about a quarter of the environmental impacts of meat production through their diet, and by opting for our vegan alternative, you and your furry friend can contribute to lowered greenhouse gas emissions.

PawCo is an eco-friendly dog food brand that provides a healthy, balanced, tasty diet for your pet. Our meals are nutritionally complete, meaning they contain all the nutrients your dog needs to feel their best, and sustainably sourced, packaged, and delivered. If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to traditional pet foods, PawCo is a great choice for your dog, as well as for the Earth! Check out our recipes and place your order at


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