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Learn How to Communicate with Your Dog!

Dogs have come a long way from their ancestors, the wolves. They are no longer wild predators, and their utilitarian and functional use is decreasing. Dogs have become companion animals that we consider an essential part of our family. According to Business Wire, research from Research and Markets forecasts that the pet accessory industry will be worth $41.1 billion by 2025. This increase is attributed to our ever-increasing love and care for our pets, as well as our desire to provide the best products for them, increasing our spending.


But how do we know if our efforts are well-received? How can we tell if our furry friends are happy? Well, since they can’t communicate with us verbally, they use their body language to inform us of their state of being. While trying to decipher what your pet is trying to tell you, remember to look at their whole body! For example, a wagging tail does not always mean they’re happy. Here are some signs and signals to look for!


  1. Smiling

You may have noticed dogs sometimes look like they’re smiling. If a dog’s mouth is open and relaxed, with the corners slightly turning up, and the head, body, and eyes are soft and neutral, the dog is calm and relaxed. 

2.  Jumping

If your dog jumps at you when you come home from work, it most likely means they’re very excited to see you! Keep an eye out for a wagging tail, relaxed body, and soft eyes, as these all indicate the dog is happy. However, if the dog is lunging at you with ears tucked back and barking or growling, it’s best to take a step back, as these are signs of aggression.

3.  Licking or kissing you

Your dog licking you is their way of kissing, and it’s a clear sign of affection. They may lick you as a greeting or when they’re excited, but they may also come and give you a few kisses if they sense you are down or stressed as a way to cheer you up. So sweet!

4.  Laying down on or near you

A dog will lie down on or near people they are close to or feel safe with. If you notice your dog cozying up close to you on the couch or falling asleep on top of you at night, they likely feel a close bond with you. However, it could also be a plea for attention, so schedule an extra play date or snuggle session!

5.  Licking lips

You may take it as a sign that the dog is hungry, but if a dog licks its lips and yawns while cowering and tucking its tail, it may actually be experiencing fear. If provoked in this state, they may behave aggressively to escape the situation.


So, what should you do if you notice your dog is acting strangely? You can’t love them too much, can you? If your dog is acting fearfully or aggressively, don’t try to force it. If this is recurring, it is best to seek professional assistance. However, if they appear to require more attention, try to spend more time with them and include them in your daily activities! During this holiday season, there will be many opportunities to involve them in celebrations and events. Why not bake them a pumpkin cake for Thanksgiving, or spend some quality time with them making a unique ornament for the Christmas tree?


Another way to show love for man’s best friend is to feed them healthy and balanced meals. This will make them feel good, reduce the risk of health issues, and hopefully make them appreciate you even more! Animal nutritionists and food scientists have carefully formulated PawCo’s vet-approved recipes to include all essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. The meals are designed to exceed AAFCO standards while also being delicious! Place your order today to show your love for your dog with tasty, nutritious meals.


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