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Involve Your Dog in This Year’s Thanksgiving Festivities!

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching! Now that the Holiday season is upon us, it’s time to fill our bellies with festive foods, curl up on the couch to watch our favorite movies, and spend time with those near and dear to us – including our furry friends. 


While we humans may enjoy the abundance of events, parties, and family gatherings, our canine friends could feel overstimulated or neglected during what is meant to be a very joyful season. Imagine Thanksgiving from the point of view of a dog: the house is full of people who can pet you and delicious-smelling food… But you’re kept away in a separate room until it’s all over so that you don’t disturb the celebration! Who wouldn’t feel left out? Why not make it a point to include your four-legged family member in the festivities this year, so they don’t feel forgotten?


There are various ways to make your dog feel valued and important throughout the celebrations. The best way to anyone’s heart is through their belly, and dinner is often the highlight of our Thanksgiving celebrations, so let’s start there! Many traditional Thanksgiving foods are safe for your dog to try, such as sweet potatoes and pumpkin, but there may be a few things on the table to keep them away from.


Vegan turkey alternatives

A plant-based alternative could take the turkey’s traditional spot on the table if you and your family are vegan. Seitan, tofu, and roasted cauliflower are all excellent options for a vegan Thanksgiving main dish. They are all safe for your dog to try, but watch the seasoning! Garlic and onion, for example, are both toxic to dogs. 



Careful! While stuffing may be a delicious and prominent part of the spread for humans, it could lead to an unexpected Thanksgiving night vet visit. It often contains herbs, garlic, and onion, which can wreak havoc on your dog’s digestive system. Garlic, onion, leeks, and chives are all part of the allium species of vegetables and are toxic to dogs.


Pies and Sweets

Sugar is not great to give to your dog. It’s not toxic, but it does them no good. However, chocolate and certain artificial sweeteners like xylitol (common in pumpkin pie filling) are toxic. They can even be deadly to our furry companions. Keep the desserts for the humans.


Sweet potatoes and pumpkin

Sweet potatoes and pumpkin are safe to give to your dog and make an excellent base for some delicious, dog-friendly, and Thanksgiving-themed recipes to try this year. Why not give a  sweet potato casserole for dogs a go? Or some easy sweet potato dog chews or healthy pumpkin dog treats?


In addition to cooking up some yummy meals for your dog, you could also show them you care in other ways. Try dedicating some quality time to them this Thanksgiving! Play an extra round of fetch after the big meal (a fantastic way for dogs and humans alike to get some movement and fresh air in!). Give them bonus snuggles on the couch after a long day of socializing with extended family. As always, let them know just how special they are to you. 


If you’re looking to treat your dog a little extra this year, why not switch from that boring, dry kibble to something more exciting and healthy? PawCo’s plant-based dog food is an excellent gift for your furry friend this holiday season! Place your order here, and keep an eye out for our new recipe launching shortly – just in time for the holidays! 


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