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How To Help Your Dog Enjoy the Holidays

The holiday season is here in all its glory! 


This time of year often brings with it lots of socializing – you might have friends over for a game night, your sister visiting, and all your relatives coming for dinner. And with all the hustle and bustle of the season, it’s easy for your dog to feel left out and forgotten. Here are a few ideas for including them in the festivities and making them feel extra loved during the holidays!


Go for a Christmas lights walk.

We all know nothing makes our four-legged friends’ tails wag as much as the promise of a walk! Take an extra lap around the block to watch all your neighbors’ decorations! Or why not venture off your regular route and discover the Christmas lights in a new area? We’re sure your dog will enjoy the twinkling lights, as well as the new, exciting smells of an unfamiliar neighborhood!


Bake some treats together.

You may have to pull most of the weight on this one – paws aren’t made for mixing cookie dough! But we swear it will be worth it when your pup’s eyes light up with joy as they chow down some festive, vegan, holiday-flavored dog treats!


Play games.

While it might be challenging to have your dog join in on a round of Monopoly with your friends, there are other games they might enjoy more! Give the three cups game a go, or why not a round of hide-and-seek? And don’t forget the classics like fetch and tug-of-war; they’re perfect for getting rid of the extra energy from those holiday treats!


Watch a holiday movie.

Socializing and activities in all their glory – when it all gets to be too much, a holiday movie is a fabulous idea! Your dog may not follow the plot too well, but they will surely enjoy the blankets, the snuggles, and the quiet time. And so will you (we all know you deserve it!) Being around many people can be overwhelming, and taking some time to wind down with a movie at the end of the night can help you and your dog relax.


Open gifts together.

Gift-giving is a part of many people’s holiday celebrations, and it can be just as exciting for a dog as it is for us humans! A big plus is that shopping for a dog is very uncomplicated – a new toy or something edible will always be a hit! Keep in mind to put any edible gifts beneath the tree at the very last minute; otherwise, they might not stay wrapped for very long!


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