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Halo Alternative: PawCo’s Fresh Vegan Dog Food


When it comes to dog nutrition, we know you’re after the best of the best for your furry family members. That’s why we’re here to help you explore your options, specifically focusing on plant-based dog food. Today, we’re comparing two notable brands: Halo and us, PawCo. So, grab a cup of coffee, get cozy, and let’s dive right in!


The Drive for Plant-Based Dog Food 

Nowadays, more and more of us are exploring plant-based diets for our four-legged pals. New options seem to be popping up on store shelves and online every time we check, and it’s not just about following trends; there are several concrete reasons for this shift:

  • Pet Health: A high-quality vegan dog food diet can support your dog’s digestion, skin and coat health, and overall well-being. Learn more about the potential benefits of a vegan diet here!
  • Environmentally Friendly: Plant-based dog food production generally has a smaller environmental footprint, with lower greenhouse gas emissions and more efficient resource usage.
  • Animal Welfare: By choosing vegan dog food, no animals are involved in meal production, which is a win for animal lovers! Here’s how a vegan diet supports all Earth’s creatures.


Spotlight on Halo 

First up, let’s chat about Halo, an established brand in the pet food industry. Halo’s dog food range is diverse, including dry, wet, freeze-dried raw options, and even treats, with and without animal ingredients. A product that catches our attention is their Halo Holistic Plant-Based Recipe. This recipe serves up plant-based nutrition in both kibble and canned forms, making it a versatile and easy-to-serve-and-store option. Made with wholesome ingredients and free from animal products, it’s crafted to meet all the nutritional needs of your fur baby.

Halo also offers plant-based treats for dogs, extending the health benefits to snack time. This brand surely offers a variety of options for your pup’s plant-based dietary needs.


PawCo: Fresh Food at Its Finest 

Now let’s move on to our pride and joy, PawCo. At PawCo, we’re passionate about bringing fresh, vegan, and minimally processed meals to the pet food world. Our brand was built on a deep love for pets and a profound respect for the environment. We strive to make mealtime exciting, nutritious, and sustainable for your furry companions.

But how exactly do we do this? Enter GreenMeat™. This is our proprietary plant-based meat alternative developed exclusively for dogs. It’s designed to mimic the taste and texture of meat without the associated environmental footprint of traditional meat production. This high-protein, plant-based blend assures your pet’s meals are nutritious and tasty.

We curate a wide variety of non-GMO fruits and vegetables to ensure a well-balanced, nutrient-dense meal. Every ingredient is carefully selected, and each recipe is formulated by board-certified animal nutritionists and food scientists with your dog’s wellness at heart and with the help of the latest AI technology

From keeping allergy symptoms away to supporting healthy digestion, fresh food from PawCo is more than just fuel—it’s a step toward giving your pet a longer, healthier, and happier life.


Weighing Your Options: Fresh vs. Kibble and Canned 

Both fresh food and kibble, like Halo’s plant-based recipe, have their benefits. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Kibble and Canned Food: These options offer long shelf life and convenience, making portion control and storage a breeze.
  • Fresh Food: Our specialty here at PawCo, fresh food offers superior taste, texture, and nutrient retention. With less processing, fresh food promotes better digestion and delivers a flavor-packed meal that’s gentle on your pup’s tummy.

Check out our articles on fresh food vs. kibble and the difference between canned and fresh food to learn more about the differences between these forms of dog food.


Side by Side: Halo vs. PawCo 

As we compare Halo and PawCo, it’s clear that both brands are committed to high-quality, plant-based dog food. Each has its own strengths, though, and some pet owners may prefer one over the other.

Halo brings to the table a range of plant-based options in various formats—kibble, canned, and even treats. Their Halo Holistic Plant-Based Recipe is an excellent option that offers balanced, vegan nutrition, satisfying both pet parents seeking convenience and those wanting a plant-based diet for their dogs.

On the other hand, PawCo emphasizes freshness and minimal processing. Our fresh meals and unique GreenMeat™ protein blend provide less processed, more natural nourishment for your pet. Our food is gently cooked to offer the best possible taste, and being gentle on the tummy, it’s ideal for dogs with sensitive digestion. Plus, with PawCo’s dedication to sustainability and animal welfare, you’re supporting a 100% animal-free company.

To sum it up, if your priority is convenience and variety, Halo could be the perfect fit. But if you’re after fresh, minimally processed food packed with innovative plant-based protein, then PawCo’s offerings might just be the winning ticket. Either way, rest assured that both brands aim to deliver nutritious, delicious meals that your furry friend is bound to love.



Navigating the world of dog nutrition can seem overwhelming, but don’t worry—we’ve got your back! Whether you lean towards Halo with its diverse plant-based options or you’re ready to jump on the fresh food bandwagon with PawCo, always remember to consider your furry friend’s unique needs. 

Want to give PawCo a try? We’re here and ready to bring a fresh, tasty twist to your dog’s mealtime. Let’s make healthier, more compassionate choices for our beloved pets together!


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