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A Chat About Plant-Based Dog Food and More with VeganAnj

A little while ago, PawCo’s founder, Dr. Mahsa Vazin, had the pleasure of being interviewed by the amazing Anjelica of

Anjelica is an LA-based vegan foodie and plant-based health and nutrition coach, sharing her vegan journey, favorite plant-based brands and restaurants, and finger-licking good vegan recipes on her blog. She tirelessly advocates for a more sustainable and compassionate future, which totally resonates with us here at PawCo!

Anjelica’s blog is full of education about veganism, interviews with plant-based profiles, delicious food, and lists of the best vegan everything (protein powders, burritos, dog food, you name it!) and we highly recommend you pay it a visit.

Why not start with the interview with our founder? Here’s a little snippet of the story – CLICK HERE to read the whole thing at!

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