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Open Farm Alternative: PawCo’s Fresh Vegan Dog Food

In the world of pet food, new trends are constantly emerging, and one that’s caught our attention is vegan dog food. Wondering if it’s a good fit for your furry friend? You’re in the right place! We’re about to dive into a comparison of two big players in the healthy dog food space: Open Farm and PawCo. 


The Growing Trend of Vegan Dog Food

You might wonder, “why the shift towards a vegan diet for dogs?” It’s not just a fleeting trend. By choosing a vegan diet for our pets, we can make sure that no animals are involved in their meal production – a step towards creating a world that is kinder to all creatures. 

In addition, opting for vegan dog food means contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle. It’s associated with reduced greenhouse gas emissions and more efficient use of resources. Every small step towards eco-friendliness matters! 

And let’s not forget pet health. High-quality vegan dog food can boost your dog’s digestion, promote better skin and coat health, and contribute to their overall well-being. Isn’t that what we all want for our furry friends?


Fresh vs. Kibble: The Battle of Dog Foods

Fresh food and kibble represent two sides of the dietary spectrum in dog nutrition. While kibble, like Open Farm’s Kind Earth, has been a longstanding convenient choice because of its shelf stability and ease of portion control, the nutritional advantages of fresh food are gaining attention among wise pet parents.

Here’s why fresh food, like PawCo’s meals, has a leg up on kibble:

  • Superior Taste and Texture: Fresh food often outshines kibble in the taste and texture department, making it far more appealing to our furry friends.
  • Digestibility: Fresh food is usually easier on your pet’s digestive system, which means better nutrient absorption and fewer upset tummies.
  • Nutrient Retention: Fresh dog food typically retains more nutrients due to less processing. You wouldn’t want the valuable nutrients from wholesome veggies and superfoods to get lost in extreme heat or high-pressure processing, would you?


Open Farm: Quality with Variety

Open Farm is known for its wide range of dog food options, including dry, wet, raw, and fresh. Most of their meals contain animal proteins, but they’ve made a noteworthy addition to their range with Open Farm Kind Earth – a vegan kibble.

Open Farm Kind Earth is a sign of the brand’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity in pet nutrition. This vegan kibble includes non-GMO fruits and vegetables and easily digestible plant-based proteins. All meals are formulated to meet AAFCO standards, ensuring your dog enjoys a balanced, nutritious diet.


PawCo: The 100% Animal Ingredient-Free Trailblazer

Committed to providing 100% animal ingredient-free meals, PawCo champions fresh, vegan nutrition. PawCo has brought innovation to the forefront with GreenMeat™, a plant-based meat alternative developed exclusively for dogs. This blend provides a high-quality protein source that mimics the taste and texture of meat, ensuring that your dog’s meals are not just nutritious but also flavorful and appetizing.

Unlike Open Farm’s Kind Earth kibble, PawCo’s meals are fresh and minimally processed, preserving more of the inherent nutrients and flavors and providing less processed, more natural food for our pets. PawCo’s focus on fresh food shows our dedication to offering the best for our four-legged family members, striking a balance between deliciousness and nutrition.



Both Open Farm and PawCo have a shared mission: to offer dog food that respects animal welfare and supports environmental sustainability. 

However, while Open Farm offers variety in their range, including both animal protein and plant-based meals, PawCo stands out as a 100% animal ingredient-free company. With our fresh meals and unique GreenMeat™ protein blend, PawCo may have a slight edge for pet owners looking for a fresh, plant-based option.

If you’re considering a vegan alternative for your dog, why not give PawCo a try? Paws up for making healthier, more compassionate choices for our furry pals!


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